January 27, 2008

Shoji Jo's Retirement Memorial Mach

2003/2006 YOKOHAMA FC All Stars vs. Jo Dreams
2-1(0-1, 2-0)

'35 Shoji Jo #18
'35 Jo Shoji #9
'88 Jo Shoji #9

GK Koyama #1 >>> GK Iwamaru #20
DF Hayakawa #2
DF Muroi #5 >>> DF Manaka #4
DF Iwakura #23
DF Ota #26 >>> MF Nakamaru #7
MF Takaki #22 >>> FW Masuda #21 >>> MF Yoshino #14
MF Sakai #15 >>> MF Ono #18
MF S. Ono #18 >>> MF Goto #13
MF Takizawa #13 >>> 'MF Yamaguchi #6
FW Miura #11
FW Kitamura #17 >>> FW Jo Shoji #9

January 1, 2008


NHK SPRING MITSUZAWA FOOTBALL STUDIUM (MITSUZAWA PARK STADIUM) is the home stadium of YOKOHAMA FC. This is the one of the best soccer-specific stadium in Japan. The stands are very close to the pitch due to no-track field. It has 15.046 sets. (Address: 3-1 Mitsuzawa Nichi-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama city. Kanagawa pref. Japan. Tel: +81-(0)45-311-2016

:::Stadium Access:::


a) by bus
From The Bus tarminal located outside the west exit of JR Yokohama station, you can take any bus from bus stand 6,7,8,9 (use "C" or "D" steps through under ground mall called "THE DIAMONDS"). The fare is JPY 210, it takes to the final distination, "MITSUZAWA SOGO GURANDO IRIGUCHI" about 10 to 15 minute subject to trafic condition. The bus stop is just in front of MITSUZAWA park enterance. The stadium located about 5 minute walk from the entracne.

b) by Yokohama Municipal Subway
15 minute walk from "MITSUZAWA KAMICHO" station #22, exit 1.

c) by car
On the game day, special toll packing will open at MITSUZAWA Park, near the war memorial. It will cost JPY 500/day.

:::How to buy the ticket:::
You can buy the Advance sales thicket at "Ticket PIA" or convenience store like "LAWSON", "Family Mart", "Circle K Sunkus", "Seven Eleven", untill the day before the game date. Also, you may get the "day ticket" at the booth in front of the entrance of the Stadium.

SS Reserved Seat (Main Stand): JPY 5.000 to 5,500
S Zone (Main Stand): JPY 3,500 to 4,000 (child JPY 2,000)
A Zone (Back Stand): JPY 3,000 to 3,500 (child JPY 1,500)
C Zone (Behaind Goal Stand Home): JPY 2,500 (child JPY 1,000)
D Zone (Behaind Goal Stand Away): JPY 2,500 (child JPY 1,000)
***advance ticket : JPY 500 discount.


YOKOHAMA FLUEGELS was one of the best teams in the J-League DIVISION ONE (J1). However, the team was suddenly taken over by marinos (Another J-LEAGUE team in YOKOHAMA CITY) in 1998 without any notice to the supporters, because the main sponsor for YOKOHAMA FLUEGELS was facing a bad business situation. They gave up continuing support of the team. The Supporters of YOKOHAMA FLUEGELS got angry at the sponsor's attitude, and they tried to continue the YOKOHAMA FLUEGELS, but failed.
In 1999, some supporters decided to establish a new football team. The concept was very simple. "The team of the citizen, for the citizen". We will never stop supporting this team. Generally in Japan, almost all professional sport clubs belong to business enterprises. "YOKOHAMA FC" is the first team established by citizen as a professional football team. Fortunately YOKOHAMA FC joined JAPAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (JFL wich is Japanese 3rd division League) in the 1999 season as an associate member. It was extralegal measures by Japan Football Assosiation (JFA), although newly established team had to join much lower Region League at first.
In the 1999 season YOKOHAMA FC won 1st prize (win 18, draw 3, lost 3), and became a regular member of JFL. In the 2000 season, YOKOHAMA FC won 1st prize with no lose (win 20, draw 2, lost 0). On Dec. 19th 2000, J-League's Board of Directors approved the admission of YOKOHAMA FC into J-League from the 2001 season. YOKOHAMA FC came to J-League DIVISION TWO (J2) in the 2001 season.
In 2005 YOKOHAMA FC made a drastical change of financial manegement. In order to go to J1, YOKOHAMA FC must regain financial health and management stability. So, YOKOHAMA FC issued new stock to a third party . After extreme financial checking by J-League, "Feat Entertiment" which is the football school company got 50% of the stocks of YOKOHAMA FC and become substantive owner. We got a good supporting company. We will continue to support YOKOHAMA FC with them.
In 2006 season, YOKOHAMA FC won the 1st prize in J2 by 26 win, draw 15, 7 lost without losing streak. On Dec. 4th 2006, J-League's Board of Directors confirmed YOKOHAMA FC could go to J1 in 2007 season. Finally we came back to J1. We made it !
However, In 2007 season YOKOHAMA FC finished in last place in J1, and was demoted to J2 in 2008. We will come back to J1 soonest!!